One Punch Man Episode 1

The Strongest Man

One Punch Man Episode 01 - The Strongest ManA monster shows up in the city and starts to wreak havoc. As it is about to kill a young girl, Saitama arrives and saves her. The monster introduces itself as Vaccine Man, and claims to have come into existence to eliminate mankind because of their pollution of Earth. It changes into a massive monstrosity, and Saitama destroys it with a single punch.

The episode then witches to a flashback, showing an jobless Saitama’s encounter three years ago with Crablante, a man who obtained crab-like features after eating an excessive amount of crab. The monster spares him, explaining that it’s hunting a boy with a big chin. Saitama promptly encounters the child, who’s revealed to have drawn nipples on Crablante with permanent marker he was sleeping. When Crablante locates them, Saitama chooses to protect the child, and eliminates the monster by ripping out its eyestalk with his necktie.

As present-day Saitama reminisces about the events, a huge man attacks the city. The man is caused by an experimental steroid called “Biceps King”, produced by his mad scientist older brother. The two set out conquer the world, just for the older brother to observe, in surprise, that Saitama is riding on his borther’s other shoulder. He orders the giant to kill the man on his shoulder, but accidentally leading to his own death. The agnered younger brother attacks Saitama, apparently defeating him, and bemoans the truth that despite now being the most powerful man alive, he feels empty. Saitama, emerging unharmed, comments that absolute power is boring and defeats the giant, accidentally ruining City B.

The following morning, he wakes up find himself in the center of a invasion of the surface by overpopulated Subterraneans, who have already exterminated 70% of mankind. Shocked by their strength, he believes them worthy opponents and engages in a great battle. At the momen he has defeate a lot of them and is about to battle the Subterranean King, he wakes up realize that it was a dream.

Discovering an actual invasion by the Subterraneans outside, he’s disappointed when they quickly surrender after he easily defeats their king. Ultimately, Genos is seen standing in a field of desiccated cow corpses: he then turns and starts walking towards the city.

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