Dance with Devils Episode 1

Depravity and the Forbidden Quadrille

Ritsuka is summoned by the student council n suspicion of breaking school rules. As Rem the student council president, approaches her, he’s repelled by the amulet she wears. However, she’s unaware of this.

Later, she goes home to find her mother wounded and strange men ransacking her home. She flees and calls the police, but after they arrive her house is totally undamaged, but her mother is gone. Scared by the situation, she calls her brother in England, who tells her to stay at her friend’s home for a while.

Dance with Devils Episode 1

She’s attacked by the men while on the way there, and they need that she reveals the location of the “Forbidden Grimoire”. Ren arrives and saves her, then taking her home with him. He agrees to help her, but makes it obvious that isn’t doing so for her sake, but to maintain peace at the academy.

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