Diabolik Lovers Cosplay Characters Tutorial

Diabolik Lovers ArtworkDiabolik Lovers is about 6 vampires with a cute girl who become their toy. That’s really ironic, right? However some people really love it, especially certain type of girls since this show is intended for female audiences. For fans who want to bring the characters to life, then you can use the popular way with Diabolik Lovers Cosplay.

Through this article, we will give you how to make Diabolik Cosplay and tutorial so you can easily find what kind of stuffs you should have, including costumes and wigs. All products come from Amazon. Still not familiar with the anime? Then you can read our Diabolik Lovers anime review and we also provide it with Blu-ray information.

Anyway, this Diabolik Lovers cosplay tutorial is consist of:

  • Komori Yui Cosplay Tutorial
  • Sakamaki Reiji Cosplay Tutorial
  • Sakamaki Subaru Cosplay Tutorial
  • Sakamaki Shuu Cosplay Tutorial
  • Raito Sakamaki Cosplay Tutorial
  • sakamaki Ayato Cosplay Tutorial
  • Sakamaki Kanato Cosplay Tutorial
  • Mukami Ruki Cosplay Tutorial

Make sure you choose one of them, and enjoy your party in the next cosplay events as part of Diabolik Lovers.

Komori Yui Cosplay Tutorial

Komori Yui Cosplay TutorialKomori Yui is a cheerful and optimistic person, but can also be fairly naive. She can be unaware to several things and indecisive when making several decisions. She is apparently strong-willed and really determined in the worst conditions and doesn’t mind any mean comments thrown her way by many of the vampires. Event hough such conditions, she constantly responds to all the vampire brothers with kindness. As she goes through the series, she little by little starts to turn into a masochist. In the beginning, she doesn’t believe in the existence of vampires, but finally comes to accept them.

Yui is a beautiful girl whose outward appearance looks rather girly. She has wavy platinum blonde hair that falls down to her shoulders with her bangs parted in the center and a pretty pink flower hairclip pinned on the left side of her head.

Yui wears a pink top with sleeves that fall off her shoulders. It is decorated with black straps and a black cross-stitched decoration with black ribbons at the end. She wears it with brown shorts and brown boots. She also wears a gold heart-shaped necklace to accompany her looks.

Yui Komori Cosplay Costume
Yui Komori Cosplay Wig
Komori Yui Costume

Sakamaki Reiji Cosplay Tutorial

Sakamaki Reiji Cosplay TutorialSakamaki Reiji has sophisticated manners. Although he might have a police, ethical way of speaking, his words usually tend to come with a biting edge. He prices rules and demands  that they followed by others, but he also makes several odd rules. Even though how strict he may look, he still comes with some sense of humor.

Reiji is a tall, slender young man with his hair being a shade of purple-black with lighter purple-gray gradients. Reiji usually wears suit-like attire to match his seemingly polite personality.

His school uniform consists of the black school jacket with a buttoned red vest over a black dress shirt with a perfect red tie. He wears it with along with the black uniform pants and black dress shoes.

Sakamaki Reiji Cosplay Costume
Sakamaki Reiji Cosplay Wig

Sakamaki Subaru Cosplay Tutorial

Sakamaki Subaru Cosplay TutorialSakamaki Subaru is a loner type. He is constantly alone and never cares about what’s going on around him. Subaru has silent personality who constantly sleeps in a coffin, which is also located inside his own room. However, thanks to his extremely traumatic childhood, he’s easily angered and resorts to violence quickly, going as much as to break almost everything when he gets really angered.

Subaru has silverish light-lavender whitish hair, making his hair color not dissimilar to his brother, Kanato’s hair color, both being the “purple” family of tones and colors. He is usually seen wearing a black jacket with a red shirt underneath which has a brown belt around it. The ends of the red shirt appear to be ripped/shredded. He also wears black jeans and a necklace that is wrapped twice around his neck with a golden or bronze colored key on it.

His school uniform consists of the black school blazer with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow and a black shirt underneath that is ripped near the bottom and a white shirt underneath it which is longer and also ripped at the bottom.

Sakamaki Subaru Cosplay Costume
Subaru Sakamaki Cosplay Wig

Sakamaki Shuu Cosplay Tutorial

Sakamaki Shuu Cosplay Tutorial

Lazy and apathetic, Sakamaki Shuu really loves nothing but music. It is mentioned that he is constantly listening to music, even when taking a bath. Shuu really loves classical music, ranging from violin to piano. he has deficiencies in motivation and is lazy enough to do almost nothing, as seen when Komori Yui has to persuade him to stay awake and do something for himself. He is fairly bored with life thanks to all of the incidents of his traumatic childhood.

Shuu is a handsome young man with slightly curled blond hair as well as light ocean blue eyes which he inherited from his mother. He usually wears a light blue sweater over a dark blue shirt with dark pants.

His school uniform consists of the black school jacket draped over his shoulders and a beige sweater with a slightly unbuttoned white dress shirt. He wears it with the black uniform pants and brown dress shoes

Sakamaki Shuu Cosplay Costume
Shuu Sakamaki Wig

Raito Sakamaki Cosplay Tutorial

Raito Sakamaki Cosplay TutorialSakamaki Raito is incredibly perverted. His perverted personality causes him to be suspended from school quite often. Raito can be a Do-S, extreme sadist just like all of his brothers. However, he is constantly cheerful and loves to joke and is just like Ayato when teasing Komori Yui.

Raito has shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, with a lighter blondish color to the tips, a mole on the right side of his chin. He usually wears an unzipped blue hoodie with white cuffed sleeves over a striped sweater with sleeves that almost cover his hands and an white dress shirt with a red tie. He wears it with brown pants along with his hat that has a red ribbon around it.

His school uniform consists of the black uniform jacket over a red jacket that has fur bordering the hood. Under that is a white dress shirt with a skinny black tie. He wears black pants that go only to his knees and his signiture hat.

Raito Sakamaki Cosplay Costume
Raito Sakamaki Cosplay Wig

Sakamaki Ayato Cosplay Tutorial

Sakamaki Ayato Cosplay TutorialIdentified as the troublemaker of the household, Sakamaki Ayato can be an attention seeker and really loves mischief. He looks down on other people and loves to bully and tease people, especially Komori Yui.

Ayato is a slender young man with unruly, reddish-colored hair spiked at the ends. He usually wears a white shirt that has brown bordering the top and bottom of the shirt with a black jacket and brown scarf. He wears it with blue jeans with a belt attached to both sides of his pants that hang down and go around his pants.

His school uniform consists of the typical black school blazer with an unbuttoned white dress shirt and a undone red tie around his neck and the right collar of the shirt. He dons black pants, the right leg rolled up to his knees, and a pair of red and black sneakers.

Ayato Sakamaki Cosplay Costume
Sakamaki Ayato Cosplay Wig

Sakamaki Kanato Cosplay Tutorial

Sakamaki Kanato Cosplay TutorialSakamaki Kanato’s troubled, child-like character can be a fact and he has an exceptionally strange and eccentric personality even as a child, constantly staying alone, speaking with his dolls, self-harm, or turning others into wax dolls. around others, Kanato constantly acts really spoiled, childish, and demanding usually emotionally blackmailing either with tears or hysterical tantrums to find his way, in fact, he’s really mentally unstable and shows symptoms of psychotic habit when angered. He’s shown to be moved to tears very easily which can quickly be replaced by loud screaming.

Kanato appears to have a similar resemblance in appearance to his mother Cordelia, having the same colored light purple hair. Kanato is almost never seen without his beloved Teddy wrapped safely in his arms.

He usually wears a black hoodie vest with a long-sleeved white shirt and red ribbon underneath. The vest’s straps extend to his upper arms. He wears this attire with black shorts and red pants bearing a checkered pattern that reach above his knees.

His school uniform consists of the black school jacket over a maroon-colored vest with a red, string tie and a white undershirt with a ruffled Victorian collar, which are worn with black pants. He also wears short black knee-socks and brown dress shoes.

Kanato Sakamaki Cosplay Costume
Sakamaki Kanato Cosplay Wig
Sakamaki Kanato Teddy Bear

Mukami Ruki Cosplay Tutorial

Mukami Ruki Cosplay TutorialMukami Ruki constantly has an intimidating smirk on his face matched with a calm tone but carries a sense of violence which can be seen in his spoken words. Without the need of dirtying his own hands, he interacts with people as a cruel-hearted do-S.

Ruki is a handsome young man with short ruffled hair colored with black on top and white on the tips. He usually wears a grey jacket with a long sleeve black shirt underneath and wears it with black pants and a brown belt. He sometimes wears a long -sleeved maroon shirt with a black butterfly print on the bottom left side and wears it with black pants and a black belt. He wears the black web chokers with both outfits.

His school uniform consists of the black school jacket with a white dress shirt that is slightly unbuttoned revealing a long-sleeved maroon shirt underneath and a long black tie over it. He wears it with the black plaid uniform pants and brown shoes.

Mukami Ruki Cosplay Costume
Ruki Mukami Wig


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