BlazBlue Alter Memory Cosplay Characters Tutorial, Tips, and Guide

Based on the video game, this anime series has low rate because of its execution to bring the plot and concept. However, the video games alone are so popular which gain popularity and loyal fans, including in cosplayer circle. Well… If you are a fan both of its anime or video game, we’re sure that you want to try to bring the characters to life. Yes, you can do it through BlazBlue Alter Memory cosplay, and we will give you a brief tutorial, tips, guide, or whatever you want to call it.

This BlazBlu Alter Memori Cosplay tutorial, tips and guide will only include:

  • Ragna the Bloodedge cosplay tutorial
  • Rachel Alucard cosplay tutorial
  • Hazama cosplay tutorial
  • Jin Kisaragi cosplay tutorial
  • Noel Vermillion cosplay tutorial
  • Lambda-11 cosplay tutorial
  • Taokaka cosplay tutorial

All of the products are took from Amazon, the biggest online market in the world. So, I hope this article will help you a lot in order to make one of the BlazBlue Alter Memory cosplay characters. Also, if you’re not familiar with the anime series, you can read our BlazBlue Alter Memory anime review here.

Ragna the Bloodedge Cosplay Tutorial

Ragna the Bloodedge CostumeRagna can be rude, sardonic, and rough to anyone he comes across. He’s moreover easy to anger, persistent, and never misses an opportunity to uses as much as vulgar language as possible. in this aspect, Ragna is just like the stereotypical anime delinquent. Thus, even in situations where he can’t win or is on the brink of death, Ragna carries an undying will and persistence, refusing to give up even when he’s definitely out matched, something several characters either hate or adore.

Ragna the Bloodedge has white spiky hair. His clothing consists of a hybrid of modern, futuristic and old features. He wears a vibrant red sleeved jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back. Under it is a black shirt with three red belts and also several belts covering his right arm. He wears a pair of black gloves with a red shell on the backs of the hands. He also wears a black hakama and steel-toed red boots.

Ragna the Bloodedge Costume
Ragna the Bloodedge Wig
Ragna the Bloodedge Cosplay Sword
Ragna the Bloodedge Shoes

Rachel Alucard Cosplay Tutorial

Alucard Rachel Cosplay TutorialAlucard Rachel can be a stereotypical aristocratic heiress. She has a pretty much wonderful air of pride and grace, yet is sarcastic and condescending to those she things lower than her, constantly expecting them to have the highest standards of formality when speaking with her.

Rachel is a young vampire girl with pale skin, long blond hair tied into two pigtails with black ribbons, and red eyes. She wears Gothic Lolita fashion with a frilly black gown and jacket, red ribbon bow tie, a red bat symbol design cross from the front to the back on her dress, another red cross on her shawl and bottom half, black pony heel boots with a red cross, and a red ribbon on her right ankle.

Alucard Rachel Costume
Alucard Rachel Wig
Alucard Rachel Boots
Alucard Rachel Umbrella

Hazama Blazblue Cosplay Tutorial

Hazama Blazblue Cosplay TutorialHamaza maintains a quiet and calm attitude around most people, pretending to be harmless as a member of the Intelligence Department. He stated to hate battling and preferred to avoid conflict. However, this was only a guise to his true nature. When people saw through it, he revealed his true colors as egoistic and manipulative, messing up other people’s lives and turning their beliefs for his own gain. he has no qualms with hurting or killing people who get in his way and shows certainly no regret for his actions.

Hazama’s appearance is taken after the shady, creepy archetype. He is depicted with bright green hair and wears a simple black suit with a white shirt underneath, short brown gloves, and brown steel-toed shoes. He dons a pair of black trousers held up by two brown belts. He completes the outfit with a black fedora hat to close the shady visage.

Hazama Blazblue Costume
Hazama Blazblue Wig

Jin Kisaragi Cosplay Tutorial

Jin Kisaragi Cosplay TutorialWhile his brother Ragna can be a hot-tempered and easy to draw first blood, Jin Kisaragi can be aloof, cold, and borderline sociopath guy. He cares it little for the others’ feelings, and denounces, in his own words, trivialities like friendship, trusting that such things are lies that people use to their benefits. He won’t think twice to killing anyone who gets in the way of his purpose. Furthermore, he consistently shows that he hates reminiscing about the past, extremely about his days at the Military Academy.

Jin is a good-looking and slender young man with short, stylish blond hair and green eyes. He wears the Controlling Organization major uniform with a black turtleneck and leggings under a white Japanese-style tunic, white gloves, military boots, and a “jolting sapphire” colored jacket with a red lining and very long, detached sleeves.


Jin Kisaragi Costume
Jin Kisaragi Wig
Jin Kisaragi Sword
Jin Kisaragi Shoes

Noel Vermillion Cosplay Tutorial

Noel Vermillion Cosplay TutorialNoel Vermillion is the classification of the “shrinking violet” archetype. She’s clumsy, shy, little naive, and tends to get worked over the littlest things. Noel could be very self-conscious, especially when it comes to her notoriously flat chest. She is usually socially awkward from time to time, but this has really served as an endearing trait, which gained her Tsubaki and Makoto’s friendship. In spite of this, she’s proved to be really passionate and determined when motivated, and is loyal to her friends and allies.

Noel is a young girl with long back length blond hair and green eyes.She wears a Controlling Organization blue cloak with hood, long black socks, and blue military boots. When she is in battle, she wears a jolting sapphire Controlling Organization uniform dress with a white collar and a short red tie, with two separate long sleeves that have two heavy metal bands and a long red strap, white gloves, and carries two giant pistols linked together, the Bolverk..

Noel Vermillion Costume
Noel Vermillion Wig
Noel Vermillion Hand Gun

Lambda-11 Cosplay Tutorial

Lambda-11 Cosplay TutorialLambda was originally proved to be an emotionless weapon following Kokonoe’s orders, but later it was shown that she is just an innocent girl at heart who didn’t fully understand about anything. She is proved to be caring towards an injured Tartar that Arakune had dropped and was sad about its death. Since she never had experience in the outside world, she had tired to imitate what Ragna does after seeing him. She also didn’t know the meaning of being “gentle” at that moment, so Ragna had showed her the meaning behind it.

Lambda greatly resembles her predecessor Nu, but with the exception of a palette swap; having light blond hair, a tan complexion, and black and white armor..

Lambda-11 Cosplay Costume
Lambda-11 Cosplay Wig

Taokaka Cosplay Tutorial

Taokaka Cosplay TutorialTaokaka is the personification of innocence in the BlazBlue series. She’s a happy-go-lucky cat girl who just hopes the best for her friends and family. Her only wish is to protect those she holds dear to her heart, or who give her food.

Taokaka is a rather unique take on the catgirl archetype with brown skin and long blond hair tied up into two braids and a black cat tail with a faded white tip. She seems to spend her entire time wearing a beige-colored hoodie with a cat hood and long cat-themed sleeves that cover her arms. She wears a pair of unusually-designed high-heel boots with the same cat theme but appear to be more fit for a creature with high ankles.

Taokaka Costume


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