Tenkuubashi Aika (Shomin Sample)

Tenkuubashi AikaTenkuubashi Aika (天空橋 愛佳) is classmate of Kimito when he comes to Seikain Jokaggou. Aika is a loner who has good issues socializing with the other girls in the academy. She wants seriously to get popular and convinces Kimito to help her in this dream. She and Kimito create the “Commoner Club,” designed to capitalize on the current popularity of anything related to commoners after Kimito’s arrival at the academy.

Aika is childish, naive, and timid about talking to others. This distances her from them although she wants to be popular among her friends. Aika is highly fascinated of the outside world such things as the PSP, ramen, and manga are but several of her interests.

Aika can also be very air headed. When she first met Kimito, she was not shy at all and was willing to kiss him suddenly so her wish would be granted. Her wish was to become a popular girl in the academy like Reiko.

Tenkuubashi Aika appears in anime:

  1. Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken


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