Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Characters List

The characters are created by Tappei Nagatsuki and designed by Shinichirou Otsuka on their light novel series. This Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu characters list based on TV anime series that aired between April 4, 2016 and September 19, 2016.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Characters List

Roswaal’s Mansion

Natsuki Subaru
Seiyuu: Kobayashi Yuusuke
A 18-year-old hikikomori and NEET boy who suddenly transferred into fantasy world. Subaru meets half-elf girl named Emilia and suddenly fall in love with her and work as butler in Roswaal’s mansion where Emilia lives. Subaru has ability “Return by Death”, where he can reset previous events without losing memories. However, all people around him won’t remember all events occured, which make him suffers a lot. Even so, Subaru is always struggling to make all events have a “happy ending”.

Seiyuu: Takahashi Rie
Silver-haired half-elf girl and a candidate of 42nd Queen in the royal election. Her appearance is resemble to “Jealous Witch”, Satella, which make her responsible for the discrimination against half-elves. She is a Spirit Art User and has a familiar named Puck.

Seiyuu: Minase Inori
One of the twin demons and Ram’s little sister. She works at Roswaal mansion as maid. Rem has a great hatred towards witch cult which make her killing Subaru for having Witch’s scent. But later she was saved by him from Mabeasts in the Elior Forest, becoming her “hero” and falling in love with him.

Seiyuu: Uchiyama Yumi
Puck is a cat-formed spirit and Emilia’s familiar. He has ability to read people emotions, whose make him know whether someone has bad intention or not. At night, he returns to the crystal he was summoned from and prepare for the emergence of the sun. On average, his ideal staying time is from about nine to five. It’s necessary since it takes a lot of mana just to appear in physical form. When anything happens to Emilia, he’ll act according to his contract.

Seiyuu: Murakawa Rie
One of the twin demons and Rem’s older sister. She has great respect towards her master, Roswaal, someone who heals her mana once she uses it too much. Ram is a prodigy, but she lost her powers after her horn was cut off during Witch Cult’s attack on Oni village, a place where Ram and Rem spent their childhood.

Seiyuu: Arai Satomi
A mysterious mage whose in charge as protector of Roswaal mansion’s library, where ancient magic books were stored. She has cold manner but is someone Subaru can rely on.

Roswaal L. Mathers
Seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito
A margrave, and one of the strongest mage in Lugunica. He becomes Queen candidate Emilia’s sponsor with some intentions. He capable of flying and using magic of all six elements.

Frederica Baumann
Seiyuu: Nazuka Kaori
One of maid working for Roswaal L. Mathers.

42nd Queen Candidate

Around the same time that the king went into hiding, an epidemic began spreading through the castle. The king and his children are the last of his line. A council of wise men currently manages the nation, and they are now in the process of selecting a new king!

Seiyuu: Takahashi Rie

Seiyuu: Akasaki Chinatsu
A 15-year-old girl who grew up in the slums of capital Lugunica. She originally appeared as chief who stole Emilia’s insignia but later turns into one of Queen candidate along with Reinhard as her knight.

Priscilla Barielle
Seiyuu: Tamura Yukari
One of the candidates to succeed to the throne of Lugunica and head of Barielle house. With her beauty, she has extravagant self-centered character. Oftentimes, she is appeared to be a very sadistic person.

Anastasia Hoshin
Seiyuu: Ueda Kana
One of Queen candidate and head of Hoshin Trading Company. She comes from Kararagi city who speaks in Kansai dialect. Although she has a friendly personality, she won’t hesitate to exploit people in all conditions.

Crusch Karsten
Seiyuu: Iguchi Yuka
One of Queen candidate and head of Karsten House. She has strict personality and pride of being a warrior. Using her ability to read the wind, she can tell whether someone is lying or not. She can generally tells when the person with whom she speaks is lying, which she is quite proud of the fact that she has never been deceived in negotiations.

Queen Candidate’s Knight and Allies

Reinhard van Astrea
Seiyuu: Nakamura Yuuichi
The master swordsman and member of Royal Guard. He is known as red-haired knight using sword with scratches made by dragon claws. As a knight among knights, he was born to a line of master swordsmen.

Seiyuu: Mugihito
A giant who runs a tavern and the owner of Stolen Goods Warehouse.

Felix Argyle
Seiyuu: Horie Yui
Felix has cutesy-face with the cat ears appearance. She is one of the capital’s most brilliant users of water magic, as well as healing magic. Felix is a peculiar character, even Emilia had difficulty enlisting Felix’s cooperation.

Wilhelm van Astrea
Seiyuu: Horiuchi Kenyuu, Ishikawa Kaito
He took the previous Master Swordsman, Theresia van Astrea, as his wife, giving him the honor of the bloodline’s lowest seat.

Julius Euclius
Seiyuu: Eguchi Takuya

Seiyuu: Fujiawara Keiji

Fang of Steel

The Hoshin Company’s personal mercenary squad. The group is quite famous in Kararagi.

Ricardo Welkin
Seiyuu: Nomura Kenji
Head of Fang of Steel mercenary team.

Mimi Pearlbaton
Seiyuu: Fujii Yukiyo
Despite her looks, she is second-in-command in Hoshin Trading Company’s private army.

Hetaro Pearlbaton
Seiyuu: Han Megumi

Tivey Pearlbaton
Seiyuu: Shimowada Hiroki

Kingdom of Lugunica

Lugunica is the easternmost nation on continental map.

Kadomon Risch
Seiyuu: Miyake Kenta

Otto Suwen
Seiyuu: Amasaki Kouhei

Theresia van Astrea
Seiyuu: Takahashi Minami

Seiyuu: Muro Genki

Russell Fellow
Seiyuu: Ookawa Tooru
A treasurer of the capital’s merchant guild. He is very shrewd, dealing in all of the capital’s inner and outer financial matters.

Marcos Gildark
Seiyuu: Inada Tetsu

Seiyuu: Yamashita Daiki

Plum Risch
Seiyuu: Tanaka Aimi

Raksha Risch
Seiyuu: Yamamura Hibiku

Seiyuu: Yamamoto Itaru

Alam Village

Seiyuu: Suzuki Eri
One of Alam Village citizen. She is suspected for the one who is controlling the mabeasts in Elior forest.

Petra Leyte
Seiyuu: Kouno Marika

Seiyuu: Shinoda Minami

Seiyuu: Ishigami Shizuka

Seiyuu: Yanaka Hiroshi

Seiyuu: Yoshino Yuna

Seiyuu: Kuwahara Yuuki

Seiyuu: Kobayashi Yumiko

Sage Council Representative

Maicrotof McMahon
Seiyuu: Kiyokawa Motomu

Seiyuu: –

Bordeaux Zellgef
Seiyuu: Saitou Jirou

Witches of Sin

Seiyuu: –
Long ago, she devoured the six witches who bore the names of the deadly sins, and drained half the world dry. She’s the worst of the worst. It’s said that she was starved for love, she doesn’t understand human languages, and her body never withers, weakens, or dies. Though she was sealed by the powers of a dragon, a hero, and a sage, they were unable to destroy her flesh. It’s also said that her body is that of a half-elf with silver hair.

Witch Cult

Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti
Seiyuu: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
A Sin Archbishop in the Witch’s Cult.

Demon Race

Originally, members of the demon race had two horns, but twins are born with just one horn each which make them are detested. And it’s customary to dispose of them immediately after birth. But Rem and Ram were allowed to live. A demon’s horns awaken its demon instincts, allowing it to devour mana, heightening combat ability. But if one is reckless, the recoil will leave on battered.

Seiyuu: Tezuka Hideaki

Seiyuu: Chiba Susumu

Seiyuu: Kimura Akiko


Elsa Granhiert
Seiyuu: Noto Mamiko
Also known as the Bowel Hunter. Elsa has black hair, wearing black clothes and a blade unique to the northern provinces. Her nickname was derived from her unique killing style. Her name is known, even in the capital, as that of a dangerous individual.

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