Nagase Iori (Kokoro Connect)

Nagase IoriNagase Iori (永瀬 伊織) is Taichi’s classmate, a cheerful, friendly and popular girl. She is the president of the Cultural Research Club, but rather than lead everyone, she sets the mood and gets them excited. Occasionally she takes bold actions in front of others, be it because of carelessness or simple naivety.

She has had five different fathers, and having recently a violent stepfather, she had learned to improve her personality to match the expectations of others to the point where she is uncertain who she was originally supposed to be.

She’s in love with Taichi and confesses her feeling. However, shoe chooses not to date because of the phenomena the group is facing and for her security.

Marketplace: Nagase Iori products.

Nagase Iori appears in anime:

Kokoro Connect
Kokoro Connect: Michi Random


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