Konno Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Konno Yuuki
Seiyuu: Yuuki Aoi

Konno Yuuki (紺野 木綿季) is a new player who shows up in Alfheim Online in volume 7. She is a leader of little guild named Sleeping Knights and quickly becomes known as one of the strongest in the game winning 67 straight matches, getting her the title of “Zekken,” which means “Absolute Sword.”

Her guild is a group of terminally ill patients who play using the FullDive Technology MediCuboid. Yuuki’s disease is AIDS which she obtained via a bad blood transfer she received as child. Her parents and older twin sister were also infected. She was bullied in school after it was known she was a carrier, leading to her to transfer schools. However, her condition drastically deteriorated, worsened by the rejection from the parents and teachers of her old school. She was then later taken to a hospital where she lived the next three years in the new medical FullDive Technology called MediCuboid. It’s because of this that her experience in the VR world surpasses even that of the survivors of SAO, and for this reason, she can even beat Kirito in a fair match when he is not dual wielding. Kirito says, however, that even if he was dual wielding, he would still be struggling to defeat her. Kirito also admits that if she was a victim in the Sword Art Online incident, she would have been the one to get the Dual Sword skill which is awarded to the player with the quickest reaction time.

She’s also the creator of the 11-hit Original Sword Skill “Mother’s Rosario,” which is later given to Asuna as her only form of way of protecting and repaying her.

Yuuki is the second leader of the Sleeping Knights guild who inherits it after her older twin sister Aiko, the creator and former leader, died twelve months prior to the events of the M

other’s Rosario arc. Her parents died the year before. She quickly becomes friends with Asuna because of the fact that she look much like Aiko.

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Konno Yuuki appears in anime:

Sword Art Online II
Sword Art Online II: Sword Art Offline II


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