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Anime Blu-ray Released on April 2017 – Information and Review No ratings yet.

RELEASE DATE ANIME TITLE BRIEF INFORMATION April 4, 2017 Martian Successor Nadesico Complete Blu-ray Collection N/A April 4, 2017 Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Complete Blu-ray Collection N/A April 4, 2017 Hyperdimension Neptunia The Complete Series S.A.V.E. (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) Let me say it as clearly as possible! I forced myself and suffered when watched this anime.

J-World Tokyo’s Theme Park is Celebrating Naruto-Hinata’s Wedding No ratings yet.

Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden series finally reach an arc which focuses on Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata’s marriage. To celebrate this episode, Japanese anime and manga theme park, J-World Tokyo, that has always made special themes for anime and manga from weekly Shounen Jump, will hold a special event for Naruto fans. According to,
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