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ViVid Strike! No ratings yet.

ViVid Strike! is the Japanese magical girl adventure anime TV series produced by Seven Arcs Pictures and produced by Nishimura Junji. Title: ViVid Strike! English: Synonyms: Japanese: ViVid Strike! Type: TV Episodes: Premiered: October 2, 2016 Season: Fall 2016 Broadcast: Sundays at 00:30 JST Producers: Studios: Seven Arcs Pictures Licensed by: Network: Tokyo MX, MBS,

Brave Witches No ratings yet.

Brave Witches (ブレイブウィッチーズ) is a spin-off Japanese military science fiction anime TV series and acts as an alternative setting of Strike Witches. Title: Brave Witches English: Synonyms: Japanese: ブレイブウィッチーズ Type: TV Episodes: Premiered: October 6, 2016 Season: Fall 2016 Broadcast: Thursdays at 01:35 JST Producers: Nippon Columbia, Glovision Studios: Silver Link Licensed by: Network: Tokyo

To LOVE-Ru Darkness No ratings yet.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness (To LOVEる -とらぶる- ダークネス) is the sequel of Motto To LOVE-Ru, a Japanese Sci-fi Rom-com anime TV series based on the Japanese manga series “To LOVE-Ru Darkness” written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki. An anime TV series adaptation aired between October and December 2012. Title: To LOVE-Ru Darkness Synonyms:

Osomatsu-san Episode 1 No ratings yet.

Osomatsu-kun Returns When the Osomatsu Matsuno and his sextuplet brothers discover that Osomatsu-kun gets a new anime, Choromatsu has skepticism that their Showa era gags will cut it in a modern anime. The brothers wind up revamping themselves as a colorful bishounen anime, in which they are all good looking idols with unique personalities. However,
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