Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

Sword Art Online Extra EditionSword Art Online: Extra Edition is the sequel of Sword Art Online, a Japanese action fantasy anime special based on the Japanese light novel series written by Kawahara Reki and illustrated by abec. This anime is a year-end special which aired on December 31, 2013.

Title: Sword Art Online: Extra Edition
English: Sword Art Online: Extra Edition
Synonyms: S.A.O: Extra Edition, SAO: Extra Edition
Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン Extra Edition
Type: Special
Episodes: 1
Premiered: December 31, 2013
Producers: Aniplex
Directed by: Itou Tomohiko
Written by: Kawahara Reki, Nakamoto Munemasa
Music by: Kajiura Yuki
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Licensed by: Aniplex of America
Network: Tokyo MX, BS11
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Romance
Duration: 1:41 min.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Prequel: Sword Art Online
Sequel: Sword Art Online II
Others: Sword Art Online: Sword Art Offline – Extra Edition
Opening Theme: “crossing field” by LiSA
Ending Theme: “Niji no Oto (虹の音)” by Eir Aoi

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition Synopsis

Yui wants to see a whale, so Kirito advises a quest where she and the others can meet them. However, it turns out that Leafa can’s swim so Asuna and the other girls decide to train Suguha in a real world pool in preparing for the aforementioned quest. Meanwhile, Kirito meets a certain someone.

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition Characters List

Alfheim Online

Kirito / Kirigaya Kazuto
Seiyuu: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Main article: Kirito / Kirigaya Kazuto (Sword Art Online)

Leafa / Kirigaya Suguha
Seiyuu: Taketatsu Ayan
Main article: Leafa / Kirigaya Suguha (Sword Art Online)

Yuuki Asuna
Seiyuu: Tomatsu Haruka
Main article: Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Seiyuu: Itou Kanae
Main article: Yui (Sword Art Online)

Silica / Ayano Keiko
Seiyuu: Hidaka Rina
Main article: Silica / Ayano Keiko (Sword Art Online)

Lisbeth / Shinozaki Rika
Seiyuu: Takagaki Ayahi
Main article: Lisbeth / Shinozaki Rika (Sword Art Online)

Klein / Tsuboi Ryoutarou
Seiyuu: Hirata Hiroaki
Main article: Klein / Tsuboi Ryoutarou (Sword Art Online)

Agil / Andrew Gilbert Mills
Seiyuu: Yasumoto Hiroki
Agil joined up with Kirito and the others in the “Deep Sea Plunderers” quest to fulfill Yui’s wish.

Seiyuu: Hazama Michio
Kraken’s objective is to steal the egg of The Child from the Undersea Temple to take his revenge against the Aesir. However, the temple was guarded by a magical barrier that avoided him from getting into it. Thus, Kraken disguised himself as an old man by the name of Nerakk and wanted help from fairies to get the egg, under the guise that some robbers had taken a pearl, which he was likely to give to a friend, from him and hid inside the temple.

Seiyuu: Saka Osamu
Leviathan is some sort of man who has a sense of moderation, as he claims that he’s satisfied with being a king of the sea only, despite needing to follow the requests of the Aesir.


Kikuoka Seijirou
Seiyuu: Morikawa Toshiyuki
Seijirou had the SAO Survivor School set up an emergency counseling period with Kirito, to his shock, in order to collect more information about the incidents of SAO, and its aftermath. The game’s logs only shown the locations of players at certain times and with Kayaba Akihiko’s death, Seijirou wished to hear Kirito’s story. Kirito, after informing Seijirou that he later needed to be somewhere, agreed to tell him everything that occurred, including from the incidents in SAO, to Kirito’s triumph over Heathcliff, and then explained the situation after he found out that Asuna, along with 300 other SAO players were trapped by Sugou Nobuyuki, and how he came to find her in Alfheim Online.

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition Deep Information

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