Show By Rock!! #

Show By Rock!! #Show By Rock!! # is the sequel and second season of Show By Rock!!, a Japanese music comedy anime TV series based on a rhythm video game developed and published by Geechs, in conjunction with Sanrio.

Title: Show By Rock!! #
Japanese: SHOW BY ROCK!! #
Type: TV
Premiered: October 2, 2016
Season: Fall 2016
Broadcast: Sundays at 22:00 JST
Studios: Bones
Licensed by:
Network: Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, ytv, BS11
Genres: Comedy, Music
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Prequel: Show By Rock!!
Others: Show By Rock!! Short
Opening Theme: “Heart wo Rock!! (ハートをRock!!)” by Plasmagica
Ending Theme: “My Song is YOU!!” by Plasmagica

Show By Rock!! # Synopsis

Town of music, MIDICITY. A cat girl being dressed in gothic lolita clothes named Cyan is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. From there, she meets Chuchu (a pun off of the sound that rabbits make) the honor student bunny girl, a net geek puppy girl named Retoree (from “Retriever”), and an alien sheep (? ) girl named Moa. Together, they create the band named “Plasmagica, ” and go for the top of the world.

However, the way there is long and challenging, and keeping in high spirits is essential. By combating against other strange bands, Plasmagica little by little grows toward a top-grade band. Ultimately, they’ll be a band that turns into the driving force of MIDICITY’s music business… Perhaps?


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