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Kokoro Connect (ココロコネクト) also known as Kokoroco, is the supernatural drama Japanese anime TV series based on the Japanese light novel series written by Sadanatsu Anda, with illustrations by Shiromizakana. A 13-episode anime adaptation directed by Shinya Kawatsura and produced by Silver Link aired in Japan between July and September 2012.

Title: Kokoro Connect
Synonyms: Kokoro Connect
English: Kokoroco
Japanese: ココロ コネクト
Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Premiered: 8 July 2012
Season: Summer 2012
Producers: Starchild Records, Enterbrain
Directed by: Oonuma Shin, Shinya Kawatsura
Written by: Fumihiko Shimo
Music by: Yasuhiro Misawa
Studios: Silver Link
Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks, Hanabee, MVM Films
Network: AT-X
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Sequel: Kokoro Connect: Michi Random
Opening Theme #1: “Paradigm (パラダイム)” by eufonius (eps 1-10)
Opening Theme #2: “Kimi Rhythm (キミリズム)” by Masaki Imai (eps 12-13)
Opening Theme #BD: “Kimochi Signal (キモチシグナル)” by Sayuri Horishita (eps 1-10)
Ending Theme #1: “Kokoro no Kara (ココロノカラ)” by Team.Nekokan [Neko] featuring. Junca Amaoto (eps 1-5)
Ending Theme #2: “Cry out” by Team.Nekokan [Neko] featuring. atsuko (eps 6-10)
Ending Theme #3: “Salvage” by Team.Nekokan [Neko] featuring. Rekka Katakiri (eps 11-13)

Kokoro Connect Synopsis

What would happen if your soul swap into another person’s body? And incidentally you swap with your best friends? Of course you will worry that your friend will find something that doesn’t want you to show them. Vice versa, you don’t want to find anything bad about you in them.

Kokoro Connect tells about a kind of this. Aoki, Inaba, Yui, Iori, and Taichi are a member of Cultural Research club which make them become closer to each other. But, when the phenomenon called “body swapping”, their bond is tested. Each of them will find weakness, love feeling, inner desire, etc.

Whether the situation will make their friendship destroyed, or otherwise, the bond will be stronger?

Kokoro Connect Review – Between Supernatural Phenomenon and Friendship

Kokoro Connect Characters List

Main Characters

Yaegashi Taichi
Seiyuu: Mizushima Takahiro
Yaegashi Taichi is the main protagonist and a huge professional wrestling fan. He and four others created the cultural club due to their school didn’t have the club they wanted to join. He’s generally selfless and can usually make an effort to help others in need. He confesses his love to Iori in the Hito Random arc.

Nagase Iori
Seiyuu: Toyosaki Aki

Nagase Iori (Kokoro Connect)

Inaba Himeko
Seiyuu: Sawashiro Miyuki

Inaba Himeko (Kokoro Connect)

Kiriyama Yui
Seiyuu: Kanemoto Hisako
Kiriyama Yui is very skilled in karate but suffered from androphobia after she was almost raped in junior high school. She starts creating a different judgment of boys after Taichi helps her. She has turned down Aoki numerous times, but she later admits that she is merely not yet ready to have a relationship. She overcomes her androphobia after Aoki reaffirms his love for her.

Aoki Yoshifumi
Seiyuu: Terashima Takuma
Yoshifumi Aoki is Taichi’s closest friend with whom he often shares mature videos with. While having a non-serious attitude, he is in love with Yui and will not hesitate to show it seriously. As a young kid, he vowed to live life to the fullest after a student he knew passed away.

Fuusen-Kazura is a supernatural being who’s the reason for the phenomena encircling the cultural research club. It communicates with the group by possessing other people, most often is Gotou Ryuuzen, and frequently talks in an exhausted monotone voice. Its name originates from the balloon plant, whose seeds have heart-shaped patterns. There are two Fuusen-Kazura, the first who identifies itself with “boku” while another who uses “watashi,” which possibly means that the first is a male and second is a female.

Yamaboshi High School

Fujishima Maiko
Seiyuu: Itou Shizuka
Externally, Fujishima Maiko is the perfect student. She is intelligent, mature, and beautiful. However, she has proven, usually when alone with the StuCS members, to truly have a perverted and deviant part as well. One of Fujishima’s most distinguishing characteristics is her strong crush on Iori whom she constantly lusts after. Fujishima also has a bizarre sense of humor that others usually take too seriously or neglect to catch on to because of the way she selects to word things.

Gotou Ryuuzen
Seiyuu: Fujiwara Keiji
Gotou can certainly be described as friendly and laid back. He rarely takes things seriously and even overlooks his students skipping class. He’s depicted as rather lazy and the main characters state he hardly ever gets involved with their club, a trait they also enjoy. Despite this, Gotou has on occasion show capable of giving great advice to his students.

Watase Shingo
Seiyuu: Ono Yuuki
Watase is shown to be pretty self-confident and has a mischievous sense of humor. Watase enjoys teasing Taichi about his love life and occasionally expresses slight jealousy over how popular his friend is with girls, but otherwise has shown to be a loyal and caring friend.

Setouchi Kaoru
Seiyuu: Uesaka Sumire
Early in the series, Setouchi is depicted as short-tempered and irritable. She has shown to be a fairly audacious character, not afraid to pick fights with others if her buttons are pushed and unforgivng if wronged.

Kurihara Yukina
Seiyuu: Ishihara Kaori
Kurihara Yukina is shown to be a very faithful friend to Yui, whom she views as a sisterly figure.


Mihashi Chinatsu
Seiyuu: Uchida Maaya
Mihashi Chinatsu is an old karate rivel of Yui’s who is apparently hung up over a certain promise Yui seemingly made.

Nishino Nana
Seiyuu: Tomatsu Haruka
Nishino Nana is Yoshifumi’s old girlfriend who he dated in middle school before she moved to Sendai. Her appearance is similar to that of Yui’s when Yoshifumi was in middle school, but she cut her hair after moving away.

Kiriyama Anzu
Seiyuu: Sakura Ayane
Kiriyama Anzu is shown to be a caring sister towards Yui, often checking up on her, though it’s implied she is unaware of her sister’s androphobia. Anzu admires Yui for her karate skills and was disappointed when her sister quit martial arts. When Yui eventually comes back to Karate, Anzu helps her train.

Yaegashi Rina
Seiyuu: Oogame Asuka
Yaegashi Rina is a wise beyond her years, Rina is shown to be very knowledgeable about and fascinated with relationships and love. She’s implied to be quite studious and knows very complex vocabulary for her age, which always surprises Taichi. Rina is also surprisingly knowledgeable of, and even loves to joke about, very mature themes that a lot of kids her age probably shouldn’t know of.

Nagase Reika
Seiyuu: Tanaka Atsuko
Nagase Rika is Iori’s single parent. She has date five different men, but has only been married to three out of them.

Kokoro Connect Deep Information

Marketplace: Kokoro Connect Products.

Kokoro Connect has 13 episodes plus 4 episodes in special type. The anime has 4 arcs (the last 1 arc is in special) with different phenomenon that is made by something called Heart Seed.

Arc 1: ヒト ランダム (Hito Random). Hito also known as “people”. This arc tells about Swapping Body at random.
Arc 2: キズ ランダム (Kizu Random). Inner Desire Unleashed. Saying or doing something on the order of the subconscious. No matter whether it’s good or bad.
Arc 3: カコ ランダム (Kako Random). Back to Childhood. “Kako” could mean “the past”. This arc make the main character back to children at random age. Making them remembering something forgotten.

Anime Bibly Marketplace is selling products related to anime. Kokoro Connect itself is based on the light novel series and Sentai Filmworks as the licensee has released BD/DVD that you can see at Kokoro Connect product page along with another related products.

Student Cultural Society Club

Student Cultural Society ClubAt Yamaboshi Academy, every student is required to join a club. However, very organization is bound to have a few rogue elements. For example, Yaegashi Taichi, a diehard pro wrestling fan who put the Pro Wrestling Society which doesn’t exist as his club of choice. For example, take Kiriyama Yui who goes googly-eyed over anything cute and applied to join the Fancy Club, which had already closed down. For example, take Aoki Yoshifumi, who tried to join the Player’s Club because he believed the rumors that there were was such a thing. For example, take Nagase Iori, who figured that choosing one club out of so many would be too hard, and that the new and exciting option would be to leave the decision to chance, so she let her homeroom teacher pick for her. For example, take Inaba Himeko, who joined the Computer Club but immediately got in a spat with the president, so she chose to take a different path. Long story short, five first-years with nowhere else to go joined together to form the Student Cultural Society, or StuCS for short.

Kokoro Connect Random Information

Kokoro Connect random information is provided by contributors who know well about the series.

So far, there is no Kokoro Connect season 2 nor Kokoro Connect episode 14. If you want to watch the sequel of the series, you can go with Kokoro Connect: Michi Random. But it’s not a second season, just a special type of the series. But sometimes, the first episode of Michi Random is always considered as episode 14 of the series.

Kokoro Connect episode 1 titled 気づいた時には始まっていたという話 (“A Story That Had Already Begun Before Anyone Realized It”) was aired in July 8, 2012. The 5 main characters would show up in this episode along with their first strange phenomena which make them switching bodies randomly out of the blue. Because of this episode, the series is considered as one of the best anime switch bodies theme.

Inaba Himeko is one of the main characters of the series. She is vice-president of Cultural Research club along with other main characters. She is the most rational person and very tomboyish girl, but has cute side when she falls in love with someone.

There is 2 Kokoro Connect manga series were published so far. The first one is the same title with light novel and anime written by Sadanatsu Anda and illustrated by Cuteg which publised by Enterbrain. The other one is Kokoro Connect On Air written by Sadanatsu Anda and illustrated by Na!.

Kokoro Connect Michi Random is the sequel of the first anime series, but it’s not a second season. The series is only a special type. The series still tells about the 5 main characters along with the 4th strange phenomena which make them have some kind of supernatural power like telepathy.

Iori Nagase is one of the main characters of the series. She is the president of the Cultural Research club along with its members: Taichi, Inaba, Aoki and Yui. She is the most cheerful person but actually has a multiple personalities disorder.

Sentai Filmworks licensed the series and released Kokoro Connect DVD and Kokoro Connect Blu ray consists of the first 13 episodes of the series on October 22, 2013.

Kokoro Connect light novel was published by Enterbrain. The LN itself is written by Sadanatsu Anda and illustrated by Shiromizakana and has 11 volumes in total.

Kokoro Connect game was developed by Banpresto and published by Namco Bandai games. The game itself is a visual novel and available for Playstation Portable (PSP) platform. The Kokoro Connect PSP game was released on November 22, 2012.

Heartseed or Fuusen Kazura had becomes the important character of the series since it brought the phenomena to the groups. Without it, the story would only be a regular drama romantic.

Kokoro Connect has also some funny scenes. It could also be considered as romantic-comedy genre.

Yui Kiriyama is one of the Main Characters of the series. She is a member of Cultural Research club along with other main characters. Yui has a trauma which led her into Androphobia due to her dark experience in the past.

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