KingdomKingdom (キングダム) is the historical Japanese anime TV series based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. The series was adapted into a thirty-eight episode anime series by studio Pierrot that aired from June 4, 2012 to February 25, 2013.

Title: Kingdom
English: Kingdom
Japanese: キングダム
Type: TV
Episodes: 38
Premiered: 4 June 2012
Season: Summer 2012
Producers: NHK
Directed by: Jun Kamiya
Written by:
Music by:
Studios: Pierrot
Licensed by: Funimation Entertainemnt
Network: NHK BS Premium
Genres: Action, Historical, Military, Seinen
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Sequel: Kingdom 2nd Season
Opening Theme: “Pride” by Nothing’s Carved In Stone
Ending Theme #1: “Voice of Soul” by Takumi Ishida (eps 1-19)
Ending Theme #2: “Destiny Sky” by Yuki Wakai (eps 20-30)
Ending Theme #3: “Never Ending” by Dasoku (eps 31-38)

Kingdom Synopsis

Massive China. The rulers were in decline and the greed of men was rampant. The violent storm of war had been taking place for 500 long years, and had spread throughout all of China. Greed, pleasure, agony, fear. In that world which had fallen into despair, a dragon was raging. A dragon that would bring about the next era. And thus, falling to the wrath of that dragon, one province after another fell apart.And the country was divided into seven provinces. Yan, Chi, Zhao, Wei, Han, Chu and Qin.

These seven major powers were all vying for dominance to satisfy their greed. In other words, it was the Warring States Period. And now, From the western lands of Qin, a great history is about to begin. This is the shocking story of the unknown boy and a young king who ended and overcame the age of war.

Xin and Piao are born in this warring state of period. At first, they are just only a mere slave. Even thought, they are so skilled in swordsmanship and martial arts. One day, Piao was been invited to work in Royal Palace, but then he back to the village in injured condition. Piao was giving a task to Xin to meet someone in the hidden village, he is a King of Qin. Then the journey begins.

Kingdom Characters List

Diao He Liao -Kugimiya Rie-
Qiang Lei -Hikasa Yoko-
Xin Li -Morita Masakazu-
Zheng Ying -Fukuyama Jun-
Jio Ba
Qi Bai
Lu Buwei
Chang Pin Jun
Chang Wen Jun
Jiao Cheng
Yuan Chong
Yang Duanhe
Biao Gong
Shang Hu
Si Li
You Long
Chuan Long
Yan Lu
Wu Meng
Yi Meng
Ao Meng
Li Mu
Nuan Pang
Pang Lei
Hai Qu
Jie Shi
Kyou Shou
Shi Si
Si Ma Cuo
Zuo Song
You Tian
Yong Tian
Ji Wan
Xu Wan
He Wang
Qi Wang
Ping Wei
Dao Wei
Qing Wu
Lu Wu Wei
Kuei Ze
Zhuang Zhao
Wang Zhao
Tie Zhong
Ci Zou
Ce Zuo

Kingdom Deep Information

FUNimation Entertainment has been released Kingdom DVD and listing 38 episodes in total. The DVD includes English dub and has been released in January 26, 2016.

Kingdom of Qin, Xianyang
Inside the Royal Palace, the rampant fire of greed was swirling violently. The highest office holder among the cabinet ministers, supporting the King was the prime minister Lu Buwei, and on the other side was Jie Shi. The Royal Council was divided into two factions, each supporting one of these two. That conflict reached a critical stage, and a bloodstained clash followed. And now, that the King’s brother was aiming for the throne, Chengjiao teamed up with Jie Shi. The Royal Palace was plagued by unforeseen turns of events.

Horse & Liquor Force
About 400 years before the present, the sovereign of Qin was so open-hearted the he presented liquor to the mountain folk who’d unknowingly hunted a horse he owned. It was the 13th year of Duke Mu’s reign. There had once been a Kingdom of Jin. At the time, that kingdom, to the east of Qin, had been visited by a great famine. Jin was an enemy of kingdom, but to save those suffering from hunger, Duke Mu sent food. Then, in the next year, Qin was visited by famine. But when Duke Mu sought aid, Jin attacked, attempting to overrun Qin land. At this, even Duke Mu was so furious he stood at the head of the army and fought. The men of Qin, though, lacking substantial food, grew weaker and weaker, and Duke Mu was surrounded by Jin’s great army. It was certain death, but just then they came forth the fabled ones called the “Horse & Liquor Force,” 300 mountain folk, enshrouded in a strange aura of death. They’d come to repay their debt to Duke Mu for the horse and the liquor. They certainly took obligation seriously. However, it’s said that their fighting was so savage that even the Qin soldiers, whose side they’d taken, felt terror. What’s more, after a mere 300 of them routed thousands of enemy troops and saved Duke Mu, they seized the enemy king. The mountain folk are a fearsomely warlike people. It’s wishful thinking to believe, because they preserve Duke Mu’s retreat that the mountain folk bear goodwill toward the people of Qin.

Qin’s Six Great Generals
In the time of King Zhao, the man called a “god of the battlefield,” Qin was unquestionably the most feared nation in the Middle Kingdom. It’s said that whenever Qin’s armies began marching, Qin’s enemy nations sealed all of their gates. It was because six fearsome generals appointed by King Zhao rampaged through all the lands. At the time, Qin was constantly invading other kingdoms, fighting several different nation at once. The battlefield were far from Xianyang. Therefore, King Zhao appointed Bai Qi, Wang He, Hu Shang, Sima Cuo, Liao and Wang Yi. He granted these six generals a specific authority: The freedom to war as they saw fit. Battle situations change every moment. These six generals were given complete discretion in battle. From the other kingdoms’ prespective, it must have seemed as if six dragons had been unleashed into the wild to rampage as they pleased. King Zhao and the six great generals were bound by a loyalty as unwavering as iron. That was why King Zhao was able to establish the six general system. But at this point, it might as well be a legend.
Six generals swept through countless battlefields, felling countless foes. As a result, the military fame spread through all the lands of the Middle Kingdom untill had to do was approach an enemy, and he would prostrate himself before Qin’s generals and surrender his castle. Seeing this, King Zhao established the six-general system so that it would be even easier for them to operate. In other words, the six exceptionally strong warriors came before the system. It is meaningless to create a system without the substance to back it up.
It’s true that there are still people with the title “general” in Qin today. Unfortunately, though, there is not a single one left fit to be referred to as one of the six greats, which means there were no generals worthy of succeeding them when they were gone. But the people remember their strength even after all this time. That is why Qin’s six general are a “legend.”


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