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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo TV
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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (TV) is a 148-episode Japanese anime TV series based on a Japanese mystery manga series written by Youzaburou Kanari and illustrated by Fumiya Satou. Produced by Toei Animation and directed by Daisuke Nishio, the anime adaptation of the original manga aired on Nippon Television between April 7, 1997 and September 11, 2000, spanning 148 episodes plus one special episode.

Title: Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (TV)
Synonyms: Les Enquetes de Kindaichi, Young Kindaichi’s Casebook, Kindaichi Case Files
Japanese: 金田一少年の事件簿
Type: TV
Episodes: 148
First Aired: April 7, 1997
Producers: Toei Animation
Directed by: Daisuke Nishio
Music by: Kaoru Wada
Studio: Toei Animation
Network: Nippon Television
Genres: Mystery, Shounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Sequel: Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns
Others: Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Specials, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Satsuriku no Deep Blue, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Kuromajutsu Satsujin Jiken-hen, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Shinigami Byouin Satsujin Jiken
Opening Theme #1: “Confused Memories” by Yuko Tsuburaya
Opening Theme #2: “meet again” by Laputa
Opening Theme #3: “君がいるから‥ (Kimi ga iru kara..)” by Yui Nishiwaki
Opening Theme #4: “Brave” by Grass Arcade
Opening Theme #5: “Justice” by Miru Takayama with TWO-MIX
Opening Theme #6: “Why? (Funky Version)” by Color
Opening Theme #7: “Never Say Why, Never Say No” by 566 featuring Sayuri Nakano
Ending Theme #01: “2人 (Futari)” by Rie Tomosaka
Ending Theme #02: “Boo Bee Magic” by Sarina Suzuki
Ending Theme #03: “Mysterious Night” by R-Orange
Ending Theme #04: “White Page” by Platinum Pepper Family
Ending Theme #05: “ジーンズ (Jeans)” by Ryoko Hirosue
Ending Theme #06: “はてしなく青い空を見た (Hateshinaku Aoi Sora wo Mita)” by Yui Nishiwaki
Ending Theme #07: “Believe Myself” by New Cinema Tokage
Ending Theme #08: “Sink” by Plastic Tree
Ending Theme #09: “コングラッチェ (Congrats)” by Cascade
Ending Theme #10: “Ultrider” by Pencillin
Ending Theme #11: “君がいるから‥ (Kimi ga iru kara..)” by Yui Nishiwaki

Kindachi Shounen no Jikenbo (TV) Synopsis

Kindaichi Hajime may seem stupid, but he is one of the smartest you will ever see. He encounters mysteries after mysteries with his close friend, Miyuki, and he swears to solve them in the name of his grandfather, who was a fantastic detective.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (TV) Characters List

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