Cheer Danshi!!

Cheer Danshi!!Cheer Danshi!! (チア男子!!) is the Japanese sports anime TV series based on the Japanese novel by Asai Ryou. An anime adaptation is to be broadcast, starting in July 2016.

Title: Cheer Danshi!!
English: Cheer Boys
Japanese: チア男子!!
Type: TV
Premiered: July 5, 2016
Season: Summer 2016
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 23:00 JST
Producers: Bandai Visual, Lantis, Nihon Ad Systems, Tokyo MX, Shueisha
Directed by: Yoshimura Ai
Written by: Yoshida Reiko
Music by:
Studios: Brain’s Base
Licensed by: Funimation
Genres: Sports
Duration: 24 min.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Opening Theme: “Hajime no Ippo (初めの一歩)” by Luck Life
Ending Theme #1: “Hajime no Ippo (初めの一歩)” by Luck Life (ep 1)
[Haruki Bandou (Yuki Yonai), Kazuma Hashimoto (Nobuhiko Okamoto), Shou Tokugawa (Yuuki Ono), Wataru Mizoguchi (Tomokazu Sugita), Kouji Toono (Yuu Hayashi), Souichirou Suzuki (Kousuke Kuwano), Gen Hasegawa (Kazuyuki Konishi)] (eps 2-)

Cheer Danshi!! Synopsis

Haruki was born to the Judo family specialist, which makes him be one of Judo club members in his college. But he believes that he can’t be as strong as his older sister, Haruko. Haruki actually doesn’t too passionate about Judo, and he quits the club after he injured himself. His childhood friend Kazu is doing the same thing and decide to start new things with Haruki, they will from a cheer club for boys. A college student named Wataru joins the club right after he saw the fliers. They are starting their first activity to recruit other students.

Cheer Danshi!! Characters List

-not available yet-

Cheer Danshi!! Deep Information

An anime adaptation is to be broadcast, starting in July 2016. It will be directed by Ai Yoshimura for the studio Brain’s Base.

Cheerleading Positions

Cheerleading PositionThe person holding their hands up in the air is called the “top.” They are like they eye-catching star of the show. They do lots of jumps n’ stuff, so they need to be small and light.

The people supporting the top are called the “bases.” They carry the top on their shoulders, steady them with their palms, and so on. It’s a position suited for someone more well-built.

The person in the back is called the “spotter.” They assist the bases. Sort of like a tripod leg. The spotter dictates when to lift up the top and such. Think of them as the control tower.

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